Year of Consecrated Life

27 November 2014

In different places all over the world the year of Consecrated  Life begins with celebrations, prayer sevices and  commitment to  enliven our mission.

The objectives pointed out for this year are:                             Give thanks to God for the GIFT of consecrated life, especially in this 50 years of its renewal streaming from Vatican II.Embrace the future with hope and trust in the Lord.

                             Live out the present time with passion, evangelizing our vocation and bear witness to the beauty of the following Christ in the world, in so may different forms of consecration.

Being aware of our claretian charismatic  character to  “search in everything the conversion of all consecrated persons devoted to the service of God”  (Goal and Aim), we want to  correspond to this convocation of the Holy Father, in communion with all consecrated people, to bless, praise and give thanks to God, for His call to love and serve.

see: Logo of the Year CL

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.