Youth and Vocational Ministry- workshop of Claretian Family

21 November 2018

Roma, November 21: The Claretian Family Youth and Vocations Ministry Meeting. Experience of sharing, learning, enpowering: DISCOVER, DREAM, DESIGN, AND COMMIT. Through group dynamics, looking how to put into practice the dreams the Claretian Family have. Some of the dreams expressed by the groups were: We work as a family, with a single soul, a single spirit despite the cultural diversity we have in different places. Everyone shares their gifts generously, happy with the talents of others, and puts them at the service of the Claretian Family. The young people see us as a testimony of unity and communion, from the spirit of our Father Founder.

We wish them to deepen the Claretian vocation and get ready to sow and make grow the vocational culture: living out in opennes to God’s presence and invitation to follow Jesus.

From Claretian MIssionary sisters are working in: Lia (general team), Esperanza, Celeste (Europe), Aime and Jaqueline (Africa), Judith and Sandy (Latinoamerica), Geraldine (South Asia), Helmy (East Asia).

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.