Virtual Forum (Material)

Introduction to the meeting


1.”To reformulate our style of life in community and of government by streamlining the evangelizing dynamism with creativity” (synthesis by Europe Novitiate)

1. Video synthesis by Europe NovitiateDescarga

2. “How to give a poor and simple style, a jubilee character of reconciliation and peace to our wounded fraternity” (synthesis by Córdoba Maria Inmaculada)

2. Video synthesis by CórdobaDescarga

3. “The commitment of the common house. Gestures of solidarity with the people most affected, of charity and assistance. How can we continue to walk with them, allowing ourselves to be challenged and to change our lifestyle? (synthesis by Jogjakarta)

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4. “Which new initiatives have been born in the personal, community, social and ecclesial environment?” (synthesis by Oviedo)

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5. “Texts (experiences) from Paris and Claret help us to deepen and illuminate this Kairos” (synthesis by Aondona)

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During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.