165th anniversary of the foundation of the Institute

25 August 2020

Recalling the beginnings of the Congregation, María Antonia writes in a letter: “I have left everything to God who does not change: I have nothing in the work that God entrusted to me; mine there is nothing; only out of obedience did I put on paper what God commanded me to keep”. (Epistolary, C. 252)

On this day let us recognize once again that our religious family is a gift from God; we are gift, the fruit of the gratuitousness of God who works in history and bend down over suffering humanity, spread his Word and cares for, realizes the Kingdom. All this through people who allow themselves to be led by his Spirit, people who like París y Claret listen not only to news but take charge of them, at the feet of the Cross.

Just as our life is the fruit of love, so is the life of our congregational community: we come from love and in it we want to remain faithful. This love and fidelity are woven into the daily reality made of gestures, decisions, and options in the mission.

Let us recognize this gift of God that we are and renew our fidelity. Let us take charge of the concrete reality we are living, asking God his grace to know the way to fulfil it, being faithful to our primary mission of bearing witness to the Gospel, in whatever form. It is the essential and vital part of our Claretian charism.

Happy Foundation Day for all who share in the same spirit!

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.