Awaken Hope!

4 December 2021

On this second Sunday of Advent we see how God announces the closeness of the Kingdom through John and assures with Isaiah that “all will see the salvation of God” (Lk 3:1-6).

Luke emphasizes that the Baptist is, above all, the precursor of Jesus and that his thing has been to prepare the way for him, just as we should prepare the way for him in the present of our history, personal and social. With this prophet culminates the “time of Israel”, which is the time of promises, and the “time of Jesus” is inaugurated, which is that of fulfillment. A time in which “the salvation of God” will fully break out for all.

The invitation is to enter into the dynamism of conversion, to set out on our way, to change. To convert is to broaden the heart and expand hope to make it to the measure of the world, to the measure of God. A more egalitarian humanity that respects the dignity of all is the best way for God to come bringing his salvation.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.