Christ our Easter!

13 April 2017

The “memory of Jesus” has been the nucleus around which the first Christian communities have been constituted and it has always been the beginning of their renewal. That’s why each community can say: we have been gathered by the living memory of Christ and to return to this Memory it renews us: our life of faith.
The “remembering” – as in the whole Bible – is not understood as a mere return to the past. “Making memory” has a more bouncing dynamism; it departs of something that has happened, but brings it to the present and makes alive, resituating it in the “now” as a power that moves to the future. In this way there were celebrated all the festivals of Israel related to the Covenant; In this same climate and meaning Jesus had the last supper and invited the disciples to do the same “in his memory”: a new Covenant – a new memorial. Jesus, however, does not ask only to repeat a gesture, nor to remember it with nostalgia, but to revive in an ever new way … the unconditional surrender of Jesus to the Father; this was His whole life about. (See EG13)
To return to the “memory of Jesus” is the way of renewal of the Church and the consecrated life. It is the “good news”: Jesus of Easter, the center of our life and our evangelizing mission. The history of the Church is full of steps and examples of saints who have given a renewing impulse to return to Jesus, his Spouse and his Gospel. This was how Mother Antonia Paris lived and experienced in Christ an enormous riches that “made her understand everything”, that explained her the meaning of everything, finding in Him the strength for everything and a burning with the desire to announce Him to all … following in his footsteps.

Let us experience these days this Memorial with joy and deep sense of His spiritHAPPY EASTER!

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.