Consecrated and sent

1 February 2021

We are grateful for the ever new strength of the Spirit, who moves us from within for a new paths of the announcement of the gospel that is always surprising, fresh because it is Jesus himself who sustains it.

It is the same Spirit that urges us from the beginning to proclaim the Gospel in the lifestyle of the Apostles, throughout the world. We were born in the Church for this mission: to live and announce the good news of Jesus, seeking the Kingdom of God and his justice and contributing to the renewal of the Church. Our life is mission, our community is an announcement, any apostolic activity to which we are sent is an announcement, no matter how small.

The fruitfulness of the charism leads us to carry out this mission by walking with others and as an apostolic body with universal scope, and no one should feel limited or excluded. In everyday life it is translated into simple gestures of giving ears to listening, eyes to contemplating, offering consolation and company, taking charge of the suffering, the fatigue that most of humanity lives at this time, and trying to do it in a Samaritan way caring for human fragility; a way to bring the words and gestures of Jesus closer to each person.

United to all the consecrated people of the world, with the best wishes of prophetic fidelity: Happy Feast of Consecrated Life!

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.