Everything is Accomplished

7 April 2023

Today Jesus surrenders himself and gives his life out of love for me and all humanity.

Maria Antonia Paris and Anthony Mary Claret were great contemplators of the cross of Jesus.

“What a pure and intense love for the crucified Christ! All my desires were the holy cross and to live and die crucified with Christ. The Passion and most cruel death of my Lord Jesus Christ was my continual meditation, weeping most ardent tears; the consolation of them is taken from me for fear of blindness”. (María Antonia París, Rec. and Notes 1-2)

“O Jesus of my life! I know, I know and I know that sorrows, pains and labors are the motto of the apostolate… far be it from me to glory in anything other than the Cross, in which You are nailed for me, and I also want to be nailed for You. So be it”. (cf. Aut 427, Antonio María Claret).

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.