Feast, adoration, paths to walk, stars that we contemplate on the horizon

5 January 2022

This day of the Manifestation of the Lord or day of Wise Kings Magi, as it is traditionally known, always maintains a background of faith celebration, joy, hope, search and worship.

… A star that guides and leads on the way, the darkness, which covers the earth, the search made by some magi, the joy that arises when looking at the star, a Child who is worshipped and to whom they offer gifts, the peoples who turn towards the light, the confusion and uproar at the question where the newborn king is?  What they  find, is  the child lying in a manger next to his mother…

The Word heard in today’s liturgical celebration offers us a richness, for the variety of characters and actions that it narrates in a concrete reality and that, interpreted in the light of a new context, continues to dispose us to the surprise of the unpreventable manifestation of God to each one, by innumerable ways and means.

In this context of the synodal journey to which Pope Francis motivates us, there are tasks that resonate with hope in today’s festive background: one of them could be … the common search,  walking together… Are they calls that have the strength to set us in going forth? They can be the stars that speak to us of the new ways God communicates and speaks to us today.

We wish everyone a happy feast of Epiphany, open to welcoming the Good News of God that is communicated and manifested to all.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.