Teresita Albarracín, artisan of care

11 March 2024

The charism given by the Holy Spirit to our Founders is still alive and continues to touch the hearts of many men and women to join forces and energies in favour of the care of life of brothers and sisters. This same spirit also touched the life of Teresita Albarracín, who, being attracted by missionary spirituality, set out to follow in the footsteps of Claret and Paris, bringing the Gospel to every creature.

Teresita, as a Claretian junior, was also a “artisan of care” especially with the little ones, so she understood her vocation for the mission and all of her put herself at the service of care.

During the preparation for her first profession, which coincided with the celebration of the feast of Fr. Claret, Teresita openly expressed to the Lord her desire to imitate the apostolic man, Claret, and to care for the fullness of humanity, she says: “Encourage in my heart the zeal for the salvation of souls that consumed our blessed Father and Founder.” And she repeats it in other words: “Only one thing interests me, to love my Jesus, to save souls for my Jesus…”

As an educator, she discovers the value of carrying out the mission in the name of Jesus, with the great desire to bring souls to God: “We are simple instruments of Jesus, he is the true Master…. Teaching is the net to fish out the souls of children and lead them to Godwith the sole end that God may be in all things loved and glorified”.

It is exciting to be able to discover in it the experience of the compass of which Father Claret speaks, which with one end focuses on Christ and with the other on the little ones.

On this day let’s reflect, deepen, and pray with Teresita Albarracín, asking through her intercession the desire to love and serve the Lord as she did.

Happy Juniors´ Day!

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.